About The Uganda Association of Consulting Engineers

The Uganda Association of Consulting Engineers was founded in 1993 as the body responsible or representing the professional concerns and general business interests of its members in the field of consulting engineering in Uganda. Accordingly UACE caters for its members with regard to engineering professional ethics, standards, and client/consultant/contractor relationships.

In 2001 UACE was formally registered with the registrar of companies as private limited Company limited by Guarantee.

Internationally, UACE represents Uganda through its affiliation to FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers). FIDIC is the international umbrella body for consulting engineers. UACE is also a member of GAMA (Group of Africa Member Associations), a grouping of national consulting engineering associations in Africa. From 8 founding member firms in 1993, membership of UACE has since grown to twenty member firms to date.

Our Mission

The mission of Uganda Association of Consulting Engineers is to develop and promote the consulting engineering industry in Uganda to internationally accepted standards.

Our Objectives

  1. Promote members business interests,
  2. Develop members professionally through capacity building programmes,
  3. Ensure that members comply with professional standards,
  4. Acting as a forum for networking for members to exchange and share ideas and experiences,
  5. Promote the use of standard procedures and systems developed and published by FIDIC, where appropriate.