UACE Activities Gallery


At Silver Springs Hotel held on 12th and 13th June,2013 facilitated by PPDA
1. An overview of the legal framework & amendments to the PPDA law
2. Preparation of Statement of Requirements for works and consulting services
3. Preparation of bid documents for works and consulting services
4. Prequalification and the bidding process
5. Contracts Management, handling of variations
6. Claims and dispute resolution.

NCF-2 Geotechical & Soil Investigation

At Royal Suites Hotel held from 25th to 27th September, 2013 facilitated by Dr. Martin B. Mgangira of CSIR- Built Environment and Eng. Samson Bagonza (BSc, MSc, FUIPE, FCIHT, REng)
1. Foundation engineering – challenges and solutions for deep excavations.
2. Investigation for bridge foundation
3. Material requirements for road construction
4. Overview of the quality assurance practices in the design and construction of roads in Uganda
5. The scope of geotechnical and material
investigations for roads and bridges 6. The investigation of subgrades for roads and identification of problem soils
7. Soil stabilization in road construction – Uganda’s past experience
( Training included a one day field trip to the construction site of Entebbe express highway )

NCF-3 Hydrology and Urban Drainage

At Silver Springs Hotel held on 5th and 6th December 2013 facilitated by Eng. Dr. Rubarenzya Mark
1. Overview of the guidelines for drainage design and construction in Uganda.
2. Design considerations for an efficient drainage system.
3. Analytical methods for estimating peak discharges (Rainfall Runoff modeling, Rational method, flood frequency analysis) and indirect methods for discharge verification.
4. Hydraulic design of drainage conveyance structures based on hydrological data.
5. Surface and sub-surface drainage techniques, materials for use in subsurface drainage construction and best maintenance practices for drainage conveyance structures.
6. Hydrological modeling.
7. Flood analysis and control.
( Training included a site visit to Kalerwe)

NCF-4 Technical Auditing, Monitoring and Evaluation of Road Construction Projects

At Silver Springs Hotel on 5th and 6th June, 2014 facilitated by Eng. Abdul A. Awadh (Msc Highway Engineering)
1. Introduction to Technical Auditing, Monitoring and Evaluation of Road Works
2. Key Differences between auditing, monitoring and evaluation
3. How to conduct a Technical Audit for Road Projects
4. How to conduct Monitoring and Evaluation for Road Projects
5. Preparing and presenting an Audit Report
6. Preparing and presenting an M&E Report

NCF-6 Deep Foundation Designs to Euro Code-7

At Silver Springs Hotel from 4th to 6th March,2015 facilitated by Mr. Gerald Khumalo ( EUR Ing CEng MIStructE CP AMASCE)
1. Introduction to Euro Code 7
2. Basis of design
3. Deep foundations
4. Geotechnical investigations , testing and design parameters
5. Geotechnical execution standards and specifications
6. Soil structure interaction and other analysis methods
(Training included a one day field trip to the new bridge across the Nile, construction site in Jinja)

FIDIC MODULE 1- Conditions of Contract Construction

At Kampala Serena Hotel on 28th and 29th August, 2013 facilitated by Dr. Goetz Sebastian Hoek
1. FIDIC Contract Documents: Introduction and Principles
2. Responsibilities of the Main Parties
3. Management of Projects
4. Tests on Completion
5. Financial Clauses and Procedures
6. Suspension and Termination

FIDIC MODULE -2 Management of Claims and Resolution of Disputes

At Sheraton Hotel – Kampala on 20th and 21st March, 2014 facilitated by Dr. Goetz Sebastian Hoek
1. Managing variations
2. The management of claims; • Causes and risks • Notices and claims procedures
3. The responsibilities of the main parties
4. The resolution of disputes
5. Arbitrating claims

FIDIC MODULE -3 Responsibilities and Duties of Adjudicators and Parties under FIDIC Contracts

At Silver Springs Hotel held on 30th September and 1st October, 2014 facilitated by Dr, Goetz Sebastian Hoek
1. Adjudication principles
2. Dispute resolution
3. Legal status of an Adjudicator and DABs
4. DAB Establishment and Responsibilities
5. Termination and replacement of a DAB
6. Procedural Rules
7. Dispute timetable and position papers
8. Hearings
9. Dispute decision

FIDIC MODULE- 4 Management & Administration of FIDIC Contracts

At Silver Springs Hotel held on 2nd and 3rd October, 2014 facilitated by Dr.Goetz Sebastian Hoek
1. Contract documents
2. Start-up
3. Financial control
4. Ongoing supervision
5. Taking over the Works
6. Defects Liability Period and Contract Completion
7. Contract Termination